VocBio – Vocational Biographies

Director of Marketing and Operations
2+ years (part time to full time)


  • Current owner of 2nd generation company providing educational content for college and career-readiness and career-planning resources for high schools, colleges, and libraries
  • Conduct interviews and write career profiles, as well as work with freelance writers to select interview subjects and edit final drafts
  • Manage administrative, accounting, and writing freelancers
  • Marketing and design, including web, print, and new story layout
  • Strategize for partnerships, product, and business development
  • Approve budgets and expenses


  • Website - Including login accounts for all subscribers and collection of usage data by customer account (at customer request)
  • Postcard mailer
  • Magazine-style profile layout for Career Stories
  • Branding and Logo
  • Photography for new career stories located in New York.