Photography and Art Direction


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  • Worked with musician clients in a variety of genres to conceptualize and produce promotional photographs and materials that would represent their unique sound and speak to their intended audience.
  • Scouted locations and managed rentals and studio set up if necessary
  • Styling assistance
  • Adapted images to flyers, websites, and show cards


  • Eva Gertz - Pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, with quirky showtunes grooves / Afro-Brazilian style percussionist with Batala
  • Jex Thoth - Psychedelic hard rock
  • Francesca Esme Johnson - Singer of dark pop and cabaret in the jazz idiom
  • Mike and Krissy - Pop/dance
  • Burial Hex - Horror electronics / occult dance music
  • db Pedersen - Midwestern farm folk throat singer