Theresa Rosemary

BA Anthropology, MS Education & Special Education
Photography, Design, UX, Web, Art Direction, Education, Teaching, Special Education, EdTech

I began with design and photography for nonprofit arts organizations, musicians, and performance venues. In NYC I pursued a masters in education, teaching special education for 4 years in Brooklyn public and charter schools.

While working directly with students is meaningful, I began to realize that the scope of my interests and practice as an educator reached beyond the limits of my classroom and school. I wanted to take responsibility for a larger constellation of research and development in technology, psychology, cognitive science, and politics that all affected my role as teacher.

I left instruction to explore innovations in education technology and changing paradigms of the classroom environment. This led to my position as communications manager at the national nonprofit New Classrooms where I utilized my experience in marketing and design to support the mission to personalize the classroom for every student, every day. Currently, I am the owner of a second-generation educational publishing company that produces content for schools and libraries, creating magazine-style profiles of real people and their career paths.

Through these and future roles, I am passionate about creative and meaningful storytelling through photography, interviews, and video that expands into the realm of VR and AR.